Thursday, January 29, 2015

Check out the great stuff going on at Fantasy Box...just in time for Valentine's Day

Great stuff going on at The Fantasy Box...just in time for Valentine's!

Remember my review for Fantasy Box?  You already know how much I love them!  Now you can get in on some great deals and a giveaway that they have going on right now.  You won't want to miss this!

a) $5000 Fantasy Photoshoot giveaway  
The Fantasy Box is running the mother of all giveaways- a trip for two to San Francisco or Los Angeles, a boudoir photo shoot with Alloria Winter Photography, hair/makeup, your choice of lingerie sets and HERE to enter.  The winner will be announced on, you guessed it, Feb 14th! 

 b) Special Edition Valentine's Boxes
The Fantasy Box has your Valentine's night covered!  For couples interested in a sensual pampering experience, they are offering a version of their best-selling Platinum Spa Fantasy that was created exclusively and featured on The View for just $99! 


They also have a spicy new Valentine's Fantasy Box that includes the sexiest lingerie they have ever sent (spoiler available if you want it) from $119. Last day to order is February 7th.
Use code VDAY10 to get 10% off!

Click HERE to order now!

Click on the link below to see the clip from The View!


Enter to win $3500 and free pork rinds

Celebrated on the biggest football day of the year, and on the first Sunday of February, Pork Rind Appreciation Day has become an annual event to celebrate how pigskin and pig skins go together. Rudolph Foods, based in Lima, Ohio, began Pork Rind Appreciation Day in 2010 and is in their fourth year of supporting the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund, a nonprofit organization that provides medical and financial assistance to former National Football League (NFL) players, through its Pork Rind Appreciation Day Campaign. From now until the Big Game Day people can visit HERE to play Pass the Pigskin where if they successfully pass to Ickey Woods in the end zone they’re entered to win $3,500 and a years worth of pork rinds from Rudolph Foods. Throughout the campaign there will be giveaways on Rudolphs Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and you could win! Now through Pork Rind Appreciation Day, a portion of the sales of all Rudolph Foods branded products will be donated to the organization’s assistance fund (up to $15,000).  You can buy them locally at Walmart.  Learn more HERE
 The Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund ’s mission is to assist retired NFL players in need who were pioneers of the game and who have greatly contributed to the NFL’s status as the most popular sport in America. The Fund provides hands-on assistance to help retired players and there families deal with medical hardships they face after careers in football. We are working closely with former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Ickey Woods who is known for the Ickey shuffle. He was able to get both of his knees replaced with the help of the Gridiron Greats.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wipe Out Pet Odors With Angry Orange (Review)

Angry Orange is a commercial grade citrus odor eliminator that was originally formulated for use in industrial applications such as feedlots, sludge-ponds, poultry farms, rendering plants, pet waste removal companies and boarding kennels.  It is 100% natural and non-toxic.
It can be used to remove all types of pet odor & stains including dog urine, cat urine, litter box odors, as a pet odor yard spray, pet odor remover from concrete.  It also removes odor from hard wood floors, tile and carpet. Many people also use Angry Orange around the house for cleaning sinks, toilets, tubs and showers, etc. It works great on stainless steel.  Many people use to clean their grills. There’s literally hundreds of applications for Angry Orange around the home.

My Review:
I recently had the chance to review a bottle of Angry Orange.  This came at the perfect time because one of my dogs just had a litter of six Beagle puppies!  It was too cold to leave her outside in the kennel so I let her have them in the house.  Needless to say, the older they get, the more they stink!  They are five weeks old now and seem to be non-stop mess makers.  I am constantly changing their bedding and cleaning their area.  Since I got Angry Orange, the area smells like oranges instead of dog pee.  I use it to scrub the tile and spray around their bed.  I also use it to spray my rugs in the living room just because I love the scent!  It lasts for a long time and makes the whole house smell great.  This little bottle makes one gallon of solution after you mix it with water.  I would highly recommend Angry Orange to anyone who has pets or has other odors to get rid of in their home.  You can purchase it HERE on Amazon.

Disclosure:  I was provided a free product for review purposes and not compensated in any other way.  My thoughts are my own.

Fazoli's Appetizers and Snacks are now Available at Your Supermarket! (Review)


Fazoli's® restaurants have been serving great tasting Italian food in a fun and friendly environment for more than 25 years. Now, you can bring home the fun (and delicious taste) with their restauraunt inspired frozen Italian-style appetizers and snacks.
These new quick and easy frozen appetizers and snacks are perfect for after school, your next party or as a convenient snack. Find them in the freezer aisle of your local supermarket and take home some of the fun today!

 My Review
I recently received free coupons to review three Fazoli's products of my choice.  After looking for them at a couple different stores, I finally found them at Walmart.  I chose three different product that my whole family would like.

Mozzarella Stuffed Mini Breadsticks
These were very easy to make and only took less than a minute in the microwave.  They tasted great but were a bit soggy and the cheese exploded out of some.  My kids loved them anyways and keep asking for them every time we go to the store.

Six Cheese Toasted Ravioli
This one was my favorite!  There was no instructions to microwave these so I baked them in the oven.  They were simply amazing!  They had a light, crisp breading with a delicious cheesy center.  They came with marinara sauce but nobody likes that so we didn't use it.

Parmesan Boneless Chicken
I tried these in the microwave and in the oven and they were best in the oven.  The microwave made them a little rubbery.  They tasted great and the kids really liked them.  My son was hesitant to try them because he thought there was cheese in them.  You really can't taste much parmesan flavor.  He wants these now instead of the regular chicken nuggets that I regularly buy!

Overall, I think Fazoli's products taste great and were a huge hit.  They would make a great addition to a party or just for a snack.  I would highly recommend them to anyone.  Check out all the great products that are available on the website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, & Instagram.
Disclosure:  I was provided free products for review purposes and not compensated in any other way.  My thoughts are my own.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Get a Natural Looking Tan with Glow2Go Sunless Tanning Towelettes (Review & Giveaway)

Get ready to glow!
GLOW2GO is America’s brand new innovative and most talked about sunless tanning towelettes.
This pack of Glow2Go contains twenty individually wrapped premium towelettes which are perfect for sunless tanning at home or on the go.  This super-saver box comes with a special ‘press to open’ area that will enable easy pulling of one towelette at a time without opening the entire box!
Each towelette is concentrated with an innovative self-tan formula that will produce a natural looking tan in just four hours!

My Review:

I recently had the chance to review a box of Glow2Go Self Tanning Towelettes by Thermalabs.  I have two working tanning beds in my basement but I hate laying in them.  I only use them in the spring time to get a nice base color down before summer so I don't burn.  I usually spend the winter pasty white in color because my summer tan fades away so fast.  I have tried several self tanning lotions but I always turn out orange and streaked so I pretty much gave up on having color through the winter.  After reading about Glow2Go, I was exited to try it.
As you can see above, I had literally no color.  After applying Glow2Go to my legs one time, I had a very light tan.  I did have a little bit of streaking but I just applied another towelette four hours later.  It evened the tan out.  The next day, I repeated the process of one wipe application another after four hours.
Here are my results after four applications.  I had the results I was looking for and tan that looked natural.  I used one towelette for my legs and one for the rest of my body.  I did not use it on my face because I am afraid it will cause sensitivity issues.  I love how easy they are to use and how fast they are to apply.  I only have to wait about ten minutes to get dressed.  The color lasts up to two weeks but I noticed it getting lighter after every shower.  I just reapplied whenever I noticed it was getting too light.  I think these would be perfect for someone who wants a nice tan for a night out or a special weekend.  I would definitely recommend Glow2Go to anyone who wants to get a sexy tan without the effects of the sun.  Check out the website or follow Thermalabs on Facebook & Twitter.
One lucky winner will receive a box of Glow2Go Towelettes just like I reviewed.  To enter, just fill out the Rafflecopter form below.  This is open to U.S. only.  Thank you for entering and good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  I was provided free products for review purposes and not compensated in any other way.  My thoughts are my own.

Get 100 Bright Glow Sticks For a Great Price (Review)

The Super Glow is the best brand of glow sticks on the market. You will receive one tube of 100 luminescent light bracelets. Each tube contains 5 colors -- Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Pink.  It also contains 100 connectors so you can hook the ends together to make bracelets and necklaces.
Once they start glowing, The Super Glow brand glow bracelets will last you all night. They will glow super bright for 8 - 10 hours then they will start to fade out but may continue to emit some light for up to 36 hours.

My Review:
I recently had the chance to review a tube of Super Glow bracelets.  They were so easy to use.  It just took a simple crunch and they were lit.  Every one had a connector to make it into a bracelet or necklace.  I knew they would be a hit at Christmas time because kids love glow sticks!  I hosted my family Christmas party on Christmas Eve and hung some of the bracelets on my tree.  The kids could take them off and wear them if they wanted to.  I also hung them on my outside trees on Christmas Eve as ornaments.  They shined bright all night.  Unfortunately, my pictures wouldn't show up right.  The most unique way I saw these used was on New Year's Day.  I woke up at 6:30 a.m. to get a headache pill because we had a huge party the night before.  As I walked to the kitchen, there was a trail of glow sticks leading from the bathroom to the living room, where several people were still crashed.  My daughter had left a trail of glow sticks so everyone could find their way to the bathroom in the dark.  I thought it was a neat idea that was very helpful.  My guests told me later on that they were grateful for them.  I love how bright these sticks are and how long they last.  They are not like cheap glow sticks that only light up halfway.  I would definitely recommend these to anyone.  You can purchase them HERE on Amazon. 
Disclosure:  I was provided a free product for review purposes and not compensated in any other way.  My thoughts are my own. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Get Healthier Hair, Skin, and Nails With uShine (Review)

uShine is a simple vitamin and multi-nutrient complex that supports the health of skin, hair, and nails. It contains essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acid blend along with natural extracts of herbs.

Healthy diet, regular exercise, stress-free mind, and pollution-free environment are the necessary factors for maintaining skin and hair health. However eating nutritionally low foods, stress, and exposure to pollution can interfere in maintaining healthy complexion, great locks and shiny nails. In a busy lifestyle it may not be possible with the nutritional needs as well as maintain a glowing skin, healthy hair or shiny nails which is why you need uShine.

uShine is made up of a proprietary blend that includes essential and non-essential amino acids, grape seed extract, gingko biloba, MSM and horsetail all of which make for an excellent hair nutrition supplement. It provides vitamins for hair loss prevention and promotes glowing skin and shiny nails. Whether you are looking for hair vitamins for thinning hair, hair vitamins for faster hair growth or hair vitamins for longer hair, uShine is an excellent choice to provide the essential nutrients for any of these.

My Review:

I recently had the chance to review a bottle of uShine.  As you can see above, my nails could use some help.  They don't grow very long before they chip and crack.  This was the main reason I wanted to try this product.  I also love the fact that it claims to make my hair grow faster since I just got mine all cut off because of damage.  When I first got the product, I read the instructions.  It said to take two capsules after a meal each morning.  I am not a breakfast person so I tried taking them without eating anything.  BIG MISTAKE!  I was throwing up within ten minutes and sick for the rest of the day.  A couple days later, I tried taking one pill after eating something and I was fine.  I began taking two pills everyday after a meal and everything has been great.  

My nails are definitely healthier and growing faster.  I have to keep filing them down to keep them the length I want them.  I haven't noticed much change with my hair so far but it has only been a few weeks.  I am going to keep using these to see how it goes.  I would definitely recommend uShine to anyone wanting healthier nails, skin, & hair.  You can purchase it HERE on Amazon.

I was provided a free product for review purposes and not compensated in any other way.  My thoughts are my own.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Get a Dentist Cleaning at Home With the Stainless Steel Dental Tartar Scraper and Remover Kit by Majestic Bombay

No matter how well you brush, there are always tiny places you can't reach - that's where this Stainless Steel Dental Tartar Scraper and Remover Kit comes in. This set includes: 1 Dental Pick, 1 Scaling instrument, 1 Dental Mouth Mirror.  The expert dental pick is specially designed to reach those tricky little gaps between teeth, while helping clean away the last bits of food. The expert dental scaler effectively removes plaque, tartar and stains to keep teeth looking white.  These Stainless Steel Handle dental tools helps remove tartar and plaque from teeth. Knurled handles provide excellent hand control. These are Professional quality dental instruments.

My Review:

I recently had the chance to review a Stainless Steel Dental Tartar Scraper and Remover Kit by Majestic Bombay.  I have always wished I had dental tools at home to make sure my teeth were super clean.  I have a great toothbrush, floss regularly, and go to the dentist for regular cleanings but I know I can't get everything.  After getting this kit, I went over my teeth like the dentist would.  I couldn't believe how much crud was on them!  I just had a cleaning done a month ago at the dentist!  It makes me wonder how much she scraped off my teeth when I was embarrassing!  She always tells me I have nice teeth and am doing a great job of cleaning them but after seeing this, I wonder if she is lying.  Does she tell everyone that?  I know one teeth will be much cleaner the next time I go into the dentist thanks to these tools.  I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to be able to clean their teeth at home.  You can purchase this kit HERE on Amazon.

Disclosure:  I was provided free products for review purposes and not compensated in any other way.  My thoughts are my own.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Firm and Restore Your Skin With 180 Cosmetics Body Shaping Solution (Review)

180 Cosmetics Body Shaping Solution is a unique active cream that tightens, firms, and strengthens skin tissues at the deepest level, while restoring the skin's vitality and youthful appearance. It also hydrates the skin, stimulates cell renewal, and contains powerful antioxidants that scavenge free radicals and detoxify the skin.
* Provides immediate skin-tightening effect and long-term firmness
* Restores skin's youthful appearance
* Smooths, strengthens, and tones skin tissues at the deepest levels
* Promotes hydration and stimulates collagen formation in the skin
* Formulated without: Formalin, Formaldehyde, Parabens, Phthalates, Petro-chemicals, GMO, Triclosan, Colors
*Delicate scent

My Review: 

I recently had the chance to review a tube of  180 Cosmetics Body Shaping Solution.  I am always looking for ways to keep my skin looking young and healthy.  After having kids, my whole body could use all the help it can get with firming since I don't exercise like I should.  The instructions say to apply all over the entire body in small circles once or twice daily.  The first time I used it, I could feel my skin tighten on my legs.  It is very moisturizing and makes my skin very soft and silky.  I typically apply it twice a day and have used it for a couple weeks now.  I have definitely seen results, especially on the backs of my legs!  My husband even asked me what I have been doing different.  If he has noticed, then I know it works.  It also smells great!  My skin is very sensitive to many products but I have had no problems with this one.  I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants firmer, healthier skin.  You can purchase it HERE on Amazon.

Disclosure:  I was provided a free product for review purposes and not compensated in any other way.  My thoughts are my own.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Jabra Headphones From Best Buy Help Make the Perfect New Years Resolution

Have you set your New Year's Resolution yet?  If you're like many people, it probably includes weight loss or being more active, right?  Mine sure does!  The holidays have been packing the pounds on as usual.  I have been introduced to Jabra on to help get me on track to get fit after the first of the year.
Take your training to a whole new level and get the ultimate wireless workout with Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless brand new earbuds.  Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless is an all-in-one training solution that combines an in-ear biometric heart rate monitor, immersive Dolby® Digital sound and real-time voice coaching. It’s US Military grade durability certifications will inspire runners, cyclists, and exercisers of all types to beat their best performance.

With a built-in intelligent app, Jabra Sport Life, exercisers will also get the most out of their Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds, helping them plan, track and evaluate each workout.  It has never been so easy to test fitness levels and aerobic capacity, adjust heart rate zone levels to optimize training, and set goals based on distance, time or calories burned.  These are compatible with smartphones with BT capabilities.

You can find Jabra on
Product: Jabra Pulse SKU 8954664

 The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Make Amazing Chocolate Souffle's In Fifteen Minutes With Gourmet Souffle (Review)

Gourmet Souffle has the first Instant Chocolate Souffle Kit that allows you to make amazing souffle's in literally fifteen minutes!  You simply add water, mix, bake, add your favorite toppings, and eat.

My Review:

I was recently chosen to host a Gourmet Souffle party in my home and share this product with my friends and family.  I'm not sure if I have ever had a souffle before so I wasn't sure what to expect.  After looking at the website for recommended toppings, I talked to my guests about what they would like.  They all said chocolate, caramel, and pecans, which is exactly what I was thinking.  Before the party, I made a batch of four to try with my family.  They turned out great so I knew the party would be a success.  When the guests arrived, I showed them how simple it was to make the souffle's.  You just add water and mix with a mixer for a few minutes.  Then you distribute the mixture into the included ramekins and bake.  When they are done, top with whatever you like and enjoy!
I highly recommend the turtle souffle!

Some of my guests said they were expecting these to be like cupcakes but they are not.  They have more like a thick pudding texture.  They are best when served immediately out of the oven while warm.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Gourmet Souffle to anyone who wants a quick, great tasting dessert.  You can purchase the kit HERE.  Be sure to check them out on Facebook & Twitter as well.

Disclosure:  I was provided free products for review and sharing purposes.  I was not compensated in any other way.  My thoughts are my own.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Namefully Has Custom Name Jewelry In a Variety of Sizes and Colors (Review)

 Namefully offers numerous types of custom jewelry in a variety of materials, colors, and sizes.  The original Carrie necklace design, is now in acrylic! This necklace can be made with any name in any of 15 colors. Chain length can be one of 5 sizes: 14", 16", 18", 20", 22".

My Review:

I recently had the chance to review a Custom Acrylic Carrie Necklace in my choice of color and size.  I chose the 16" chain with my daughter, Savanna's name in silver mirror.  It arrived in a cute little mesh bag.

The first necklace I received was broken during shipping.  The company was very quick to ship out a replacement.  When it arrived, the chain had broke from the necklace.  I fixed this myself with a pair of pliers but the links bent very easily.  I think my daughter would break it in no time so I am going to replace the chain with a higher quality chain.  I love the name part of the necklace and would recommend it to anyone who wants a custom jewelry piece.  Check out the website or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Disclosure:  I received a free product in exchange for my thoughts and not compensated in any other way.  My thoughts are my own.